1. Install a front door security camera

The visibility of a security camera or a doorbell camera on a doorstep may discourage porch pirates from stealing your packages. Some data shows that theft is as much as 300% less likely to occur when security cameras are installed. Additionally, cameras on your doorstep allow you to capture evidence that may be helpful if you need to try to recover stolen packages. Here's our review on popular doorbell cameras.

2. Post a warning sign

Posting a sign in a visible location that states that your property is under 24-hour surveillance can also be a deterrent. Where porch theft is often a crime of opportunity, every visible deterrent that will discourage a porch pirate from stealing your package may help. 

3. Consider installing a package theft alarm

Products like the Package Guard request deliverymen and women to leave packages on a disc that is connected to WiFi. Once a package is delivered, you receive a text message notifying you that it delivered which might be helpful if you're home but didn't hear the deliveryman or woman deliver your package. Unless you or someone who is authorized picks the package up from the Package Guard, a 100db alarm will sound, hopefully scaring away criminals. Alternative alarms include TheBlankBox which is an empty package that when disturbed sets off a blank round of ammunition, startling thieves. 

4. Consider installing parcel box near delivery door

A number of companies like Landport and Architectural Mailboxes are now building secure lockboxes that allow varies mail carriers to deliver your packages in a concealed and secured container. This measure has a significant effect on reducing theft as packages are not visible once delivered and secured in a weatherproof, locked container. Many of these containers can be secured to your property and lock after delivery.

Additional steps and measures to consider in preventing your packages from being stolen:

5. Send packages to a secure location

Major retailers provide secure methods of deliver. Amazon, for example, has Amazon Lockers where you can send all Amazon orders to. Here's a tool to find Amazon Pickup Locations near you. It's easy to use, and if you are okay with taking the extra step of picking your packages up away from home, this is an excellent way to avoid package theft. 

6. Schedule packages to arrive when you're home

If there are days when you are home, you can try to submit your orders so they arrive on days when you're home and can bring packages in your home. You can also delay or re-route packages from the following carriers using the following apps: 

7. Sign up for Amazon Key

Amazon Key is a new option for Amazon consumers that connects smart locks and WiFi in-home cameras to an app that allows you to control the locking and unlocking of your door. When Amazon orders arrive, you can pre-authorize a delivery which unlocks the door for the delivery person allowing her or him to slip the package inside your door and close your door before it automatically locks. This process is all captured on the WiFi camera you connect to the app and can be watched live or after the delivery with a recording.

8. Install a motion activated spotlight

Although package theft can occur at anytime of the day or night, package thieves who work at night want to stay concealed and may be scared away by a light that turns on. There are several options for spotlights including Ring's new spotlight camera that captures both camera and turns on with motion. 

Not any one measure can fully prevent package theft, but a combination of several of the above steps can greatly reduce your chance of a thief stealing your packages.