1. Verify your shipping address

Check your order to ensure you submitted the correct address for delivery. If an address is just a little bit inaccurate, packages could be delivered to an incorrect location. 

2. Verify your package was delivered

Did the website where you purchased the package mark the package as delivered? Many shipping carriers will leave a notice of attempted delivery. This is often a sticky note left to your door but could come loose with wind. Verify that the website marked your package as delivered. Sometimes deliveries are delayed and delivered after the scheduled arrival date.

3. Search for package around premises 

If you discover you package was delivered and is not on the door step, look near doorstep in surrounding areas. Perhaps it fell off the porch, is hidden behind a bush or plants, or was delivered to an alternative door on your property. 

4. Check with family, housemates, and neighbors

Did someone else accept your package on your behalf? If you have roommates, family members, or friends who live in your home, they may have already accepted the package.  

5. Wait 36 hours

Shipping carriers have been known to mark a package as delivered as early as 36 hours before it is actually delivered. Wait for 36 hours in the event your package has not yet ben delivered

6. File a report with shipping carrier

File a report with the delivery company who delivered it to your home. Here are links to how to do this with the following shipping carriers:

7. File a report with the website where you submitted your order

Company's policies and level of support they offer for missing and stolen packages. It is still helpful to file a report with the company where you submitted your order.

8. Have a porch camera? Check footage

If you have installed a porch camera that records your porch activity, check your recording. If you're lucky to have captured an image of the thief, the share it with your local police department and social media to see if the police and your local family and friends regocnizes the theif.