Package Panther LLC

The Package Panther is a secure, high-quality package bag solution for online shoppers hoping to easily add security to their deliveries. We are particularly impressed by the build of the bag using waterproof fabric with encased steel (you can see the steel outlines in many of the posted images with this review). It’s also pretty intuitive to use for both online shoppers and package delivery professionals.

Using a porch bag takes just a minute to set up, is much more secure than relying on measures like cameras, and more convenient that sending deliveries to work.

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What is Package Panther Made of?



There are a number of package bags available on the market. By way of build quality for a bag, the Package Panther could be considered the Mercedes-Benz of bags. Where many bags aren’t too resistant to water, the Package Panther is waterproof and weather resistant. Where many bags can are relatively secure but could be compromised with a sharp knife, the Package Panther has embedded stainless steel mesh to guard against porch pirates’ knives. In short, this is a sturdy, well-made bag you can trust to keep your valuables safe until you are able to retrieve them from your porch.


The Package Panther is built with two layers of waterproof fabric which has stainless steel mesh inclosed. The fabric itself seems to be some form of industrial strength nylon. The material is similar in thickness to heavy painters’ tarps. It comes in a sleek black material that seems to hide potential stains and normal wear and tear well.

The inclosed stainless steel mesh adds a significant layer of stability and gives the Package Panther the resistance needed from would-be thieves with sharp knifes.

The outside edges of the package are cleanly sewn together with with a matching lip. The whole bag is the highest quality bag we have tested. Its build quality seems to be designed to last for years.


The package panther steel cable is sturdy and easy to use.

The package panther steel cable is sturdy and easy to use.

The bag is fitted with 26 sturdy steel grommets toward the bags opening which are used with the steel cable and combination lock to secure the Package Panther – and your deliveries – to your door, railing, or heavy porch furniture.

The grommets are spaced about three inches apart. The steel cable–when pulled through the locking mechanism and grommets around both the frontside and the backside of the bag–cinches up the top of the bag to tightly secure delivered packages. Depending on how tightly the delivery person pulls the cable to secure the bag, the top opening gets very small which prevents a good deal of weather from damaging packages.

6mm Steel cable

The Package Panther secures your delivery within the bag and secures the Package Panther to your door with three security mechanisms: A steel cable, a s steel cable lock, and a 5-Dial Combination Padlock. The solid 6mm steel cable that is coated with vinyl to prevent rust and damage. The cable is sufficient length easily weave through the Package Panther’s bag grommets, attach to a door, railing, or something else sturdy on the porch, and then be feed into the locking mechanism.

Steel cable lock



The yellow steel cable lock is secured to one end of the steel cable. After weaving the cable through both ends of the bag and looping the cable around a contact point like a door handle, the end of the cable is then fed through the cable lock. When the lock is closed and locked closed with the padlock, the cable cannot be pulled out, only tightened. It works like a Chinese finger trap.

5-Dial Combination Padlock

The padlock that comes with the bag can be set to a custom word or sequence of letters and is pretty intuitive to use. One quirky element of the padlock was that a few of its dials had the same letter on one wheel multiple times, so you could set a combo that may or may not work to unlock the padlock if you happened to select the wrong letter on the wheel. The steel cable lock can be used with any padlock, so it’s easy to use an alternative padlock if you have one you prefer over the padlock provided with the Package Panther.

Size and Dimensions

The package panther 5-Dial Combination Padlock

The package panther 5-Dial Combination Padlock

The package panther is large and can fit several small packages or a large package. It measures 32 inches wide by 40 inches tall.

How Does it Work?

On days you are expecting a delivery, thread end of the Package Panther cable around a door and feed the cable end through the steel cable lock of the bag, ensuring the cable lock is locked closed with the 5-dial combination padlock. The Package Panther includes laminated directions printed on two sides of a large sheet that is attached to the cable for delivery professionals that walks them through the easy two-step process of securing parcels or packages in the bag which include:

the package panther with a secured delivery

the package panther with a secured delivery

  1. “Drop packages into Package Panther bag.”

  2. “Pull cable until Package Panther bag is tightly closed.”

When you are home, you can unlock and remove the 5-dial combination padlock and swing down the 4-hole bar on the steel cable lock which allows you to pull the cable loose and remove the Package Panther from your door and your package(s) from the Package Panther.

This bag, and other delivery solutions, do require a bit of extra work on the part of the delivery person.

The Package Panther produced several helpful tutorials here on YouTube for Package Panther owners who might have questions about how to set up and use the bag.

Pricing: How Much Does the Package Panther Cost?

The bag is currently only available on and sells for $149.00. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime members.

Should I buy the Package Panther?

The Package Panther excels in two areas. It seems to be the most secure package bag on the market and also the most waterproof.

Additionally, it is also easy to use for both online shoppers and delivery professionals.

All materials are high quality and built to last. We enjoyed testing this bag and putting it to use.

At $149, we recommend that potential Package Panther owners consider the types of good they purchase online that are delivered to their home over the course of the year. For shoppers who are often expecting valuable deliveries, items that would be challenging to replace, or time consuming and costly to recover, the Package Panther is an excellent solution. Recovering a stolen package can be challenging. The price of the bag may be much lower than the lost value and headache someone might experience from a stolen package.

We also recommend considering how likely package theft is in your neighborhood. If many of your neighbors and residents in your city have been the victim of porch pirates stealing packages, then this solution makes a lot more sense.

We recommend the Package Panther for online shopper who order valuable items and who live in areas where porch piracy frequently occurs.