Boxr Package Drop Box by North of Modern in Development


If you’re interested in convenient package protection solutions that won’t make your porch look cluttered, overly busy, or just plain unpleasing, you’re going to want to keep your eye on the upcoming Boxr. Created by North of Modern, Boxr is a stylish “smart bench” that includes package storage space and a customizable keypad that allows for easy, password-based access. With its sleek, modern aesthetic and its ability to save space by consolidating porch seating and package protection, Boxr makes a great addition to just about any house.

There are a lot of different package solutions on the market, and many of them are truly effective. But not all of them do it with the style that Boxr manages. With its solid top made of 100% recycled material and sturdy metal construction, Boxr was designed with curb appeal in mind, and it actually looks like a piece of furniture that you might choose to have on your porch, regardless of its security features. Boxr isn’t just a box for holding packages: it’s just as good at providing an attractive seat from which to watch your children ride their bikes.

The Boxr from the side, complete with a drain.

The Boxr from the side, complete with a drain.

Access to the storage space is controlled by a small keypad attractively inset into the lid at the top of the box. This keypad can be programmed and controlled with multiple passwords, meaning that you can provide temporary access to delivery men without just giving them carte blanche. And that isn’t the only thing you can do with Boxr. As Boxr’s creators point out, “Boxr lets you share tools, toys and books with your neighbors when you're not home. And for homeowners who rent a room to guests or hire cleaners or tradespeople to work while they are not home, Boxr offers a secure pickup and drop-off point for keys."

The Boxr with a delivery.

The Boxr with a delivery.

And Boxr doesn’t just work for keys, tools, and books. North of Modern is currently planning on making thermal liners that will allow Boxr to be used as a cooler during hot weather. Whether you’re expecting ordered groceries or you’re waiting for the delivery of a temperature-sensitive prescription, the thermal protection is sure to be a great feature.

With Boxr, North of Modern aims to transform the entire e-commerce delivery system. It envisions a secure and seamless process that begins at the checkout page and doesn’t end until you personally retrieve your order.  The key to this is Boxr’s future connected version, which will allow you to monitor smart bench activity, remotely control your lock, manage users, and control your access codes conveniently and securely from an app on your mobile device. This way, no matter where you are, and no matter whether you’re awaiting the delivery of expensive piece of electronics or have simply left a cup of sugar for your neighbor to borrow, you’ll know exactly when Boxr is accessed--and by whom.

Designed by Toronto architect and entrepreneur Eric Martin and engineered by Kien Lamson, Boxr has been in development for over a year, and it is now in the consumer testing phase. Based on the positive feedback it has been receiving, North of Modern is planning to begin a crowdfunding campaign in fall 2019 to enable larger scale production. Exact release details have not yet been finalized yet, but the plan is to retail the boxes for around US $500.


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