Father's Day 2019: Protecting your online orders

Millions of people are thinking about how they might recognize their father for Father’s Day in 2019. Each year, more people are turning to online shopping to find Father’s Day gifts, and if you’re like most people, you begin thinking about Father’s day about a week before Father’s Day weekend.

Although online delivery on Father’s Day gifts is quicker than ever, a stolen package can be challenging to recover for in time for Father’s Day as many deliveries are scheduled to arrive at homes on the Thursday, Friday, or Saturday before Father’s Day.

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to protect your delivered packages until you are able to bring them inside your home.

Protecting your Father’s Day packages

  1. Delivery timing. If possible, schedule your deliveries for when you will be home and can quickly bring them inside. If that’s not possible, consider setting your delivery address to a location you trust like a family member or your office.

  2. Delivery notes. If you don’t have a secure drop box or porch bag to take deliveries, leave a note for your delivery person with directions on the most concealed location to deliver the package in your delivery details. Package theft is often a crime of opportunity where individuals won’t steal your package if they don’t see the opportunity to do so. Think of features of your porch behind which packages can be concealed like your porch furniture, landscaping, or behind screens.

  3. Delivery door monitoring. Ensure your porch camera is working and actively recording porch activity. Visible porch cameras and doorbell cameras may act as a deterrent for would-be package thieves, and if a package is stolen, you have evidence you can share with local authorities to help them in their efforts to recover your package.

  4. Package retrieval. Bring your package inside as soon as you see it’s been delivered. Packages can be stolen from doorsteps while homeowners are home, and your best chance for keeping deliveries secure is by removing it from the often visible delivery location.

Good luck to those who are purchasing a Father’s Day gift online. For further steps you can take to prevent package theft, see our Package Theft Prevention Guide.