Homeowner catches porch pirate in the act of stealing her mail

A homeowner in Long Beach, California, was relaxing when her phone sent her a push notification from her Ring app notifying her she had a visitor at the door — but she soon realized it wasn’t a friend. After seeing the porch pirate rummaging through her mail, she decided to take action.

The homeowner quietly went to the door, slowly opened it, and then and confronted the porch pirate and qot her mail back

This story highlights the value of not only having a video doorbell like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for capturing evidence and notifying online shoppers about risk while they are happening, but also the preventative measures that could be taking by installing a package box. A small- to medium-sized parcel box that could be locked works both for regular mail and packages. Something like the PEELCO 19” Package Drop Box which we highlighted here as one of 4 package drop boxes under $200 could fully prevent a porch pirate from having access to delivered mail.