Why Package Theft Hurts

Package theft hurts our communities, online shoppers, retailers, and those who steal packages.

Package theft is unfortunate for a number of reasons. We, as online consumers, generally work hard for our money and make a careful decision about online purchases. Many purchases are for important or critical products to support health and wellbeing. Others are for important life events for us, family, or friends.

Additionally, we often consider the delivery date prior to making a purchasing decision. E.g., we might purchase a dress or a shirt and tie for an upcoming job interview on a Friday only after seeing that the package would arrive on the Wednesday before the interview. 

Yes, a stolen package is just lost goods, but those purchases require money, and although money can be earned again, the time it originally took to earn the money for a stolen purchase cannot be replaced. Time is finite. So in some ways, a stolen package represents the loss of something that is very limited and valuable to us: Our time.

Packages represent consumers hard-earned money, careful purchase decisions, and in some cases, their health and hope. When a porch pirate breaks both legal and moral codes to take a package off a victim's door, everyone gets hurt.