New Porch Pirate Bag to Launch on Kickstarter in 2018!

A new package theft solution will soon be available on Kickstarter. Meet the e-Com Case 1.0. A high-quality porch package bag that comes equipped with a number of features all designed to keep your parcels safe until you retrieve them. 

e-Com Case 1.0

The e-Com Case 1.0, designed and sold by a new startup from Vancouver, Canada, called Delivery Parcel Solutions, lists an impressive number of features for online shoppers looking for ways to keep their packages safe.

Features of the e-Com Case 

The bag is constructed with lightweight weather-resistant canvas and weighs about 10 pounds. Its interior is lined with an insulating layer of material to help control climate for temperature-sensitive deliveries like groceries. We were particularly pleased by the thoughtfulness of the insulation as more and more consumers are beginning to purchase their groceries online. 

Delivery Parcel Solutions will offer it in the following three different sizes: 

  • Small: 18" long X 16" wide X 12" tall

  • Medium: 24" long X 16" wide X 12" tall

  • Large: 28" long X 20" wide X 14" tall

The e-Com Case also comes with two locks and one motion sensor alarm and one key fob to turn the alarm on and off. We've been told the motion sensor will trigger a 110-decibel alarm if activated by someone picking the bag up. 

The e-Com Case in action

We'll be watching for the upcoming e-Com Case Kickstarter project. Until then, Delivery Parcel Solutions appears to be selling the e-Com Case right on its website for less than $50 U.S. Dollars ($44.99 Canadian Dollars), here