UPS Driver Steals Package Items

In Los Angeles, a couple discovered that their package was delivered opened without a Playstation controller packaged in the parcel. After reviewing their security camera footage, they discovered they had footage of a UPS driver helper opening the package as he walks up the stairs, then taking the controller, and delivering the remaining packages.

The couple reported this driver to UPS and submitted the footage and learned that the driver was terminated. UPS also engaged local law enforcement to pursue criminal charges.

This is an interesting case in that a porch bag or parcel delivery box with a lox tends to be the most secure way to prevent package theft while video doorbells or porch cameras tend to be good secondary measures. In this case, not having a camera and having a security camera helped give the couple evidence they needed to pursue action. It’s a good case in why there is value in taking many steps to prevent package theft.

Sterling R. Morris

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