Package thief returns wedding photos

A package thief was caught with a porch camera in the act of returning a stolen package. 

A newly-married couple from Rancho Santa Margarita, California, was anticipating the delivery of their large-print wedding photos. This couple discovered video captured with their porch security camera of a package thief returning a stolen package which held their wedding photos. 

The couple wrote, "Starting 2018 off with the stolen wedding photos returned. Last night the lady that stole them had the heart to return them. I am thankful that this lady did the right thing and returned what was not hers. I can only hope she has learned a lesson from stealing other people’s property."

It's apparent that the porch pirate knew the property had a camera on its premises as she shielded her face from the camera. We're glad to see this new couple started off 2018 by getting their stolen package returned.