Where to buy a parcel box

Whether you're trying to prevent porch pirates from taking your packages, establishing a convenient and secure way for your family and friends to drop off valuables for you when you're not home, or that you want a box for an alternative reason, there are several manufacturers that build and sell parcel boxes for your doorstep. 

Where to buy a parcel box?

Parcel boxes can be purchased online or bought at local hardware stores. Some of our favorite options are the Architectural Mailboxes Elephantrunk, Landport's Essential Rectangle, dVault's Full Service Vault, PourchBox, LLC's Parcel Box, and the Ucella. (Here's our full list of recommendations). 

We have found that online prices for parcel boxes generally tend to be cheaper. The advantage to purchasing online is cost savings, but there's also value in seeing parcel box options for yourself which is more easily done in a local hardware store. 

Online options

If you choose to go the online route in purchasing your parcel box, here are a few of our recommendations with a link to where you can purchase the parcel box:


Best Security: dVault® Full Service Vault

Parcel Box

Local hardware store options

If you would prefer to head down to the local hardware store to look at options, we recommend the following locations which carry a few brands. 

Home Depot

Home Depot appears to currently have lower pricing than Lowe's, though if you're willing to purchase your parcel box online through Amazon, you might get the best pricing. Home Depot also caries Salsbury Industries and Ore Vaults brand as well as a broader selection of dVault parcel boxes.

  • dVault

  • Elephantrunk

  • Ore Vaults

  • Salsbury Industries

Here's a link to help you view the availability of parcel boxes at your local Home Depot. 


  • dVault

  • Elephantrunk

Here's a link to help you view the availability and prices of parcel boxes at your local Lowe's. 

Parcel boxes are a great, secure option for package deliveries from FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Office for home owners who want the convenience of receiving home deliveries but want more security than they currently have. We hope you have found this post helpful in finding options of where to buy a parcel box.