Porch pirate bag options

Locking package bags are a cheap, secure option to add security to your packaged deliveries. These bags tend to be a bit less expensive than parcel boxes (like these we've reviewed) though arguably less weather resistant, and more secure than some other preventative measures consumers take like installing cameras and package alarms. They are also more convenient than sending packages to a family member, scheduling deliveries for days when you're home, or sending packages to pick up locations like Amazon Locker delivery stations. 

When you know you're going to have a delivery, you just leave the bag on your porch and your delivery carrier from UPS, USPS, or FedEx will insert the package into the bag and hopefully secure it for you. 

Our favorite porch pirate bag options

The Original Porch Pirate Bag

This 30- x 40-inch sturdy bag comes with a cable and lock that can be secured to a front door handle, a mailbox, or porch railing to keep your packages in place until you are able to pick them up. The bag itself is American-made with PVC-reinforced ballistic nylon. It would be challenging to tear or rip through the material without a good deal of force or some tools which porch pirates don't typically bring. 

We like this bag because it comes with discrete gray coloring while being simple to use for you and UPS, FedEx, and USPS carriers.


The DROPSAK BASIC™ is designed to securely hang above your delivery door with access to delivery professionals who can place packages inside the hanging bag, secure them, and be on their way. The sack has a locking mechanism that adds some security to the bag. 

Here's a YouTube review of how it works:

Package Panther

The Package Panther is a robust bag that is strengthened by a mesh of braided steel to give it unusual strength for a bag. The manufacturers claim the bag is not only slash-proof thanks to the metal lining, but it's also weatherproof. The Package Panther is offered at a bit of a premium price, but appears to have a high level of security to justify the cost.