Porch pirate prevention tips for 2018

Package theft will continue to be an issue consumers will face through 2018. In 2017, USA Today reports that 30 percent of Americans have experienced package theft. Online purchases on eCommerce sites like Amazon.com have skyrocketed with sales increasing every year in the U.S., even through the great recession, to more than $135 billion in 2016 (Data, courtesy of Amazon.com, chart below courtesy of Statista). 


Tips to prevent porch pirates

We recommend taking as many as the following steps as possible, where each step taken to prevent porch pirates will likely reduce your risk of experiencing package theft. A combination of steps that best fits best with your porch layout and work/home schedule is recommended.  

  1. Install a front-door security camera

  2. Post a warning sign

  3. Install a package theft alarm

  4. Install a lockbox for deliveries

  5. Send packages to a secure location (like a family member's house or an Amazon Pickup Location

  6. Schedule packages to arrive when you're home

  7. Sign up for Amazon Key

  8. Install a motion activated spotlight

Full details on each recommended step can be found in our free Theft Prevention Guide, here