Nanny runs down, catches package thief until police arrive

Kate Anderson works as a nanny for a 1-year-old in Everett, Washington, and is now a nanny celebrity for catching a package thief. 

Nanny chases down porch pirate

On Tuesday, November 28, the household Kate performs nanny services for received a package delivery at about 10:45 a.m. Kate said that at about 10:55 a.m., she saw the Cadillac SRX pull in front of the driveway, the individual exit the vehicle and walk up and take a package. Once she realized that this suspect was stealing a package, she sprung into action and chased down the video.

As soon as the driver saw that his or her accomplice was being chased by an angry nanny, he quickly drove off before the thief could get back into the car. The nanny than caught this girl and restrained her while asking spectators to call the police. 

Everett police arrived shortly after and made an arrest. The full video of this event is below. 

(Warning, adult language in the video)

Although the Nanny successfully chased down and restrained the thief, this is probably a risky strategy to deal with thieves. Taking measures to avoid being targeted by porch pirates might be a more effective strategy and is certainly a safer strategy. Using things like a parcel drop box, being home and bring packages in as soon as they are delivered, and communicating through a video doorbell are all things that might help prevent package theft.