TheBlankBox: An explosive porch-pirate deterrent

A frustrated online consumer sees package after package stolen

One frustrated online shopper got fed up after seeing packages stolen from his porch and decided to get revenge. 34-year-old Jaireme Barrow mentions that he lives on a pretty busy road and has had issues with stolen packages. The first thief he caught is shown walking up to his house while an accomplice in a truck idles by slowly behind along the road. He captured footage of this whole event with a camera. Here it is:

He captured a similar theft from what appears to be an alternative porch pirate who was also working with a partner in crime. Here's the video:

Using TheBlankBox to scare away criminals 

It's obvious that the repeated package theft bugged Jaireme who captured his packages being stolen on camera. He designed TheBlankBox to address this problem by scaring away would-be thieves from otherwise taking his packages. The Blank Box uses blank ammunition which is triggered when The Blank Box is disturbed. It blank ammunition makes a large, alarming "bang" which scares thief, after thief, after thief from his doorstep.

Apparently, Jaireme, the creator of TheBlankBox lives in a crime-ridden neighborhood. 

Here's a look at TheBlankBox in action on the creator's first video with the booby-trapped box left on his porch. 

It's hard to see how the box works with the video above. Luckily, the next video was filmed during the daytime and the owner had installed a Nest camera above the doorway to capture the pillager in the act.

Although it's somewhat entertaining to watch these gotcha videos, what's infuriating is seeing that every one of these attempted thefts is always organized with a driver and the thief who jumps into the passenger seat following the theft or attempted theft. 

Ordering TheBlankBox

It appears that the box can be ordered at but orders may be delayed as much as 21 business days due to high demand. 

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